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How to not get dissapointed}
Thursday, 30 July 2015 | 04:13 | 0Comment

Assalamualaikum and hello ladies and gentlemen.
How u doin?
I am ASHAMED with my old posts which i decided to delete all of them

how to not get dissapointed?

Do NOT expect anything before its happen.
It will lead to such great dissapointness.

Do NOT put a high expectation on something.
It will kill u

The reason why im writing this post is becse im in such a great dissapointness
i need a lot of positive thought(s) in my mind. AGAIN
Lots of things been running through these days.
mentally and physically destroyed. huhuhuhu

Oh. Im missing my best friend T.T

i need this view in front of my eyes rn T.T

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